Importance of Saliva on Teeth

The Importance of Saliva on Teeth

We all know how we feel about saliva. A majority of us cannot even wait to spit it out. However, the professionals from Cal Dental Group in California conducted research and discovered the benefits of saliva. Sadly, most of us are entirely oblivious to what they are.

Therefore, to promote your oral and physical health, we state some of the most important and essential benefits of saliva below.

Keeps teeth clean

The saliva in your mouth helps in clearing the food particles and bacteria in your mouth. Without bacteria and food debris, you are less likely to suffer from several dental and physical health conditions.

Saliva acts as an antibacterial

The dentist, with an experience of 15 years, states that saliva prevents the accumulation of glutamic acid and lysine, these acids are necessary for bacteria to grow. Thus, with sufficient saliva, the bacteria growth will be at its minimum.

Saliva controls acid

Our mouth is filled with plaque and acid, which in the long run, causes teeth erosion. Fortunately for us, our saliva has buffers that help neutralize these acids, which reduces their negative impact on our teeth.

Saliva can strengthen teeth

Saliva can contribute to calcium, phosphate, and fluoride to our teeth. Such substances are required and very useful for increasing our teeth. The Cal Dental Group dentists state that these substances are also beneficial for newly erupted teeth.

Saliva speeds up the healing

Our blood contains several factors that speed up wound healing to protect them from bacteria.

Saliva can form a protective coat

Saliva is rich in protein, which can bind itself to teeth. This creates a type of protective coating on the teeth. This coating is then useful in preventing painful cavities from forming. The importance of our saliva is very much underrated. Thus all of us need to spread these facts, usually stressed by the professionals at the Cal Dental Group.

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