Spring Events in Minho Region, Portugal

Spring Events in Minho Region, Northern Portugal

After a long and exhausting working day, it is not unusual to imagine your dream holiday as an endless sequence of total serenity and relaxation – a time when you will not be obliged to do absolutely anything.

However, it is always good to know if there will be any exciting events at your holiday destination, just in case you decide to leave the comfort of your holiday villa. To be prepared, take a look at our list of spring events in the Minho region.

Festival of the Crosses

In the Christian world, some of the most important religious celebrations are related to the cross’s symbol. If you are anywhere near the town of Barcelos between 29th April and 3rd May, you could witness one of the significant events of the year – Festa das Cruzes (Festival of the Crosses).

The visitors will particularly enjoy that the festival includes not only religious elements and celebrations but also different competitions, fireworks, open-air concerts, and parades, which make the town one of the most exciting places in Portugal during this period. The Procession of the Holy Cross happens on 3rd May.

The Rose Festival

One of the most beautiful and colorful events in the country is between 8th and 10th May 2019 at Vila Franca, Lima, the so-called Festa das Rosas (Rose Festival). This is an old traditional festival that first started in the 17th century. The main attraction is unique handmade flowery baskets made of different kinds of flowers, especially roses and local herbs and leaves of various plants.

They form different themes, often with a religious concept, landscapes, and regional coats of arms. The baskets are carried in a vivid procession along the village’s streets by girls, who should be over 19 years of age and dressed in national costumes.

International Tango Festival

Another beautiful and exciting event that combines one music, style, elegance, and romance, is the International Tango Festival, whose 8th edition will be held between 24th and 28th April in Porto.

Visitors will have the chance to relish the performances of individual guest stars and attend classes during the day and milongas during the evening. The event will appeal not only to all tango lovers but also to those who wish to experience the magic and passion of tango for the first time.

The musical events

Just about when spring is almost over, Porto’s visitors will have the chance to experience one of the most attractive festivals for alternative music – Primavera Sound. The event was held in Porto due to its success is returning to the city between 30th May and 1st June.

The artists’ line up is quite long and impressive and includes worldwide famous musicians and groups, as well as promising young talents. The musical events in Porto on the verge of the summer continue with Muse’s concert.

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